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We’ve transformed environments across New South Wales and helped Day Care Centres breathe new life into their play and workspaces.

"One of the best constructions companies with timely, respectful service and I really appreciated the time taken to explain things to me. Would highly recommend. Value for money."

Why Choose ArvCorp Construction? 

We are a qualified team of skilled and insured builders that use innovative, experience-based project planning to work with any budget and maximise the space in your day care for fun, functional, and safe play and learning.

We’ll create a design that suits your vision and safety needs, as well as one that suits your budget.


✔️ Accommodate More Children: If you have under-utilised space (such as backrooms and decks) we can turn these into additional classrooms and play areas.


✔️ Attract More Parents: New and existing parents alike will rave about your new or updated day care centre for its safe, attractive and creative space for their children to learn and play.


✔️ Stress-free Playtime: We install the highest standard safety and security features so the children can play, and you can be rest assured the highest precautions have been taken.


✔️ A Better Environment for the Kids: Spacious, imaginative indoor and outdoor play spaces help the kids at your day care get the most out of their classroom and playtime. 


✔️ Improved Staff Working Conditions: We can build or modernise your existing kitchen, bathroom and lunch break facilities to keep your staff happy and make their jobs easier.


✔️ Stress-Free Building: We aim to make the process stress and hassle-free, working with you to keep your centre operational while the works are in progress.  


Phenomenal service. The team were so informative, attentive and genuine.
Extraordinary quality. We are over the moon with backyard extension project!
Team I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful job you did and how much you helped us save!"

In your FREE, no-pressure consultation, we’ll listen to your vision and find a solution that matches your needs, and those of your little customers.


We’ll provide a quote that suits your budget!

Innovative Outdoor Play Spaces

We make the most of your day care facility with beautiful, imaginative spaces where the fun will never end!


We create detailed and careful designs that ensure you can easily monitor both learning and play. 


🌻 Low-Maintenance Natural Environments: A faux natural environment is a low-maintenance solution for an attractive, functional and fun play area. We can install lively green garden structures, whimsical rock pebble gardens, practical soft turf throughout and more! 


🌻 Spruce up Your Natural Greenery: If you already have grass outside and you choose to keep things au naturel, we’ll landscape your greenery, so it stays attractive, simple and safe for play.


🌻 Try a Veggie Patch or Flower Garden: We can help you construct some veggie patch boxes or flower boxes that children can easily reach but can be fenced off. Let the kids get their hands dirty and learn about growing their own food and plants. Encourage responsible learning and help them interact with nature in a controlled and pleasant environment.  


🌻 Novel Play Spaces: Our customers have always been delighted with our creative playtime solutions in unlikely places, such as under-deck tunnels, and blackboards installed around the facility on raised decks.


🌻 Shaded Play Spaces: Protect the kids from blazing hot summer days with an attractive and practical shade cloth installed.

Eye-catching, Low-Maintenance Renovations

☑️ New paint job: Freshen up the walls, ceilings, door frames and more, and make them pop with a fresh coat of paint.

☑️ New Flooring: Easy to clean, attractive new flooring that ties the whole centre together.


☑️ A New Roof: Give your roof a makeover, with a replacement, or an acid wash or high pressure clean on the existing roof.  


☑️ Wall Protection: We can increase the wall protection in damage-prone areas to increase the longevity of your wall. It will prevent bumps and scrapes and your walls will maintain their integrity and aesthetic for years to come

Safety Features

The parents at your day care facility trust you with their most precious bundle and they expect you to take every precaution necessary to ensure their child’s safety.


That’s why we help protect the children in your day care, as well as you and your staff, by helping to eliminate risks that could lead to injury.

🔒 Finger Guards: Did you know over 30,000 children trap their fingers in doors each year, and more than 1,500 of them need surgery? This could be avoided with the installation of finger guards in all high-traffic doorways, such as bathroom doors, classroom doors, and front and back entries. All these doors get opened and closed countless times throughout the day — protect small hands.


🔒 Latches on the Cabinets: If a little one runs loose in the centre, you don’t have to worry about them accessing dangerous chemicals or other off-limits equipment.


🔒 New Facilities: Worn surfaces and old facilities such as splintering, rusted and peeling equipment, or cracked tiles could put the children, parents or your staff at risk of injury. Let us rejuvenate and breathe life back into your facility .


🔒 Improve the safety and security of the children: You must keep children from wandering outside the centre and protect them from the chaotic world and busy roads. We install attractive fencing to around your facility, as well as security screens.  

🔒 Working with Children Checks: Our Project Managers are Working with Children certified, keeping your parents’ minds at ease at your day care centre.


🔒 Compliance with Australian Regulations: As a professional construction company, all our works are insured and completed to Australian Codes and Standards.


Schedule your FREE, no-pressure consultation to learn how your unique day care space can be transformed into something spectacular, all within your own budget.

Keep Your Centre Operational During renovations

⌛ We work with you to plan the renovation or construction works and cause as little disruption as possible.


⌛ We communicate our renovation or construction timeline and ensure we get the project done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Set Your Budget and Transform Your Day Care Space

There’s no reason why you should ever compromise on aesthetics, functionality and cost. There is a perfect, creative solution for every square inch of your day care.


Our 30+ years of meticulous, innovative project planning gives us unmatchable expertise in finding unique and fun solutions to suit your needs and fit your budget.

Take the first step and unlock increased fun, interaction,

safety and appeal of your work and play spaces:

The ArvCorp Construction Values

ArvCorp Construction has a solid foundation of core values that enable us to meet the needs of our clients every day.  


✔️ We embrace innovation and strive to find the most efficient and safe way of achieving the goals of our customers.  


✔️ We strive to be honest and forthcoming with our clients and uphold our values of integrity and professionalism, and we feel this sets us apart from the rest.


✔️ We actively pursue open channels of communication with our clients and strive for complete transparency, encouraging positive working relationships with all stakeholders.


✔️ We keep sustainability in mind, actively searching for environmentally, socially and economic alternatives in an industry that can typically have a large impact on surrounding ecosystems.   


✔️ We ensure that our employees, as well as our customers, can work in a safe environment through correct training, communication and hazard mitigation.

We are looking forward to starting your construction journey with you!

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